Friday, March 27, 2009

Cheetos & Fritos for Cheap

This isn't an amazing deal but it is a good one.

At Safeway this week (until the 31st) when you buy certain bags of Fritos and Cheetos they are $1.50 when you buy 10.
There are stickers all over the bags for 55 cents off one bag. (At least at the Maple Valley store.)
When you buy 10, each bag is 95 cents. You can choose from Cheetos Crunchy, Cheetos puffs, Cheetos Twists, Fritos Original, Fritos Scoops & Fritos Chili Cheese. Just make sure the ounces match what the coupon requires on the back.

I was pleased with my stash for summer BBQing. $9.50 for all 10!


The Post Family said...

Just wanted to say I went to Safeway this morning in Maple valley and got Ronzoni pasta. If you buy 10 they are $.75. NExt to the packages is a coupon machine printing $.50 off one package. I waited for 10 coupons to print out and got 10 boxes for $.25 each spending a total of $2.50. This was my first coupon experience. I'm quite excited. Today I bought $278.00 worth of groceries for $137.00 saving a total of $141.00. I even got an applause at the register. I'm stoked.

Keeping Toddlers out of Jail said...

Do cheetos or fritos expire? Do you freeze them and use them in the summer?

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