Wednesday, April 15, 2009

No K-Mart Doubles Next Week

I am sorry for the long delays inbetween posts but I am very picky about the deals I list. I am catered more to the beginning couponer and so I only list the sure fire deals. I haven't seen anything worth getting you hyped up about.

There was rumor of K-Mart doubles next week but alas, I found out today that there are no K-Mart doubles in the Oregon and Washington stores. For those who live outside those two states just visit to see if your store is participating. (Check the weekly ad page starting tomorrow to see if your ad boasts the $2 double sale.)
As always, rest assured I will post anything news worthy but until then, feel free to find your own deals worth going out for. Everyone is at a different level of willingness so check my money saving blogs and find out for yourself.


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Hi, I am Rachel
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