Wednesday, June 3, 2009

They're NOT BAAAAaaaack

So, I am a little disappointed with corporate to say the least. How can an entire company not know which stores are participating and which stores are not. I called yesterday, found out Washington was and our ad today says they are not. Nothing frustrates me more than when a company can't get its act together on policies and information. doubles for the Seattle area.
On you mark, get set, go. K-Mart double days are back for Washington for the week of June 7-13. I will be back later in the week to tell you all the great coupon match ups.
ONE STRING ATTACHED...there will be a limit of 10 coupons per day. Sucky huh? That definitely limits me since K-Mart is quite a distance away but we'll make it work.
In the mean time, don't forget to get your Albertson's Double Coupon madness on!


Jennifer said...

I called and there will be none for Oregon I may just drive up to Vancouver:) Do you know is it the whole state of Washington?

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