Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cloud 9 Disclaimer

To my loyal followers,

It has been brought to my attention that I don't update nearly as often as you would all like. I completely understand but I have an excuse for that.

You may or may not all know that my couponing blog is purely for the beginner. When you notice that I have not posted for a couple days, it is because I am so darn busy getting my own deals. There are thousands to be had every day and if I were to post them all:
#1 my children would die of malnutrition
#2 my house would be in constant hurricane condition
#3 (and the main reason) you would be so amazed by the sheer volume and complexity of deals that it would overwhelming.

I like to keep my website simple with easy deals, quick ways to get coupons and smart money decisions. I am a firm believer that once you get it (by trying the easy stuff), you won't stop. It is an addiction. Saving money is an addiction and what better thing to be addicted to?!

For those of you who are past the preliminary stages of couponing, I post all my favorite blogs below. These men and women that devote all their time to finding and posting deals have done all the work for me. This is where I find my deals. (Thank you "other blogs.")

So, I suggest that if you are looking for more, check out the blogs below. My counters tell you when they last posted so you can get up to the minute information.

My personal favorites:
**It's Hip 2 Save
**Frugal Living
**Fabulessly Frugal
**Krazy Coupon Lady
**Money Saving Mom


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Hi, I am Rachel

Hi, I am Rachel
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