Friday, October 30, 2009

Goldfish Crackers $ .45

I just went to my local Safeway this afternoon and was stocking up on Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers for the $1 price when I noticed a coupon on certain packages. This may not be in all Safeway stores but it is worth a try.

Only on the Ranch flavored goldfish there was a peelie coupon for $ .55 off one bag of flavor blasted goldfish. I didn't want the ranch so I just peeled them off and used them on the cheddar and garden vegetable varieties. It is totally okay to peel the coupon off one item as long as you use it on a different item right then.

Look for these goldfish in a display near the front check out since the shelves tend to be emptied quickly. If there aren't any this weekend, try back next week after they restock...the $1 sale goes until Tuesday.


Seattle Moms Deal Finder said...

Gotta love the coupons on the packages! I'll look for this when I go shopping this weekend!

Leah said...


There is also a .75 cent off 1 printable at for the garden veg flavor. I think that is the website address, but there is a brinks link on my blog if Im wrong. Don't know if your Safeway will take them, the one I shop at has gotten really wierd over the IP coupons and wont take them if they are over 50% of what the item price is. Worth a shot though, if you can pick up a few bags for .25 cents :)

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