Monday, February 8, 2010

Trident Layers Gum.....$ .25 each

At Safeway Trident Layers Wild Strawberry and Tangy Citrus Gum is on sale for 10 for $10. I don't know if this sale will last past Tuesday though.

Use the 75¢ off one package of Trident Layers Gum in the 2/7 SS and get them for 25¢ each.
Order these off ebay for mass quantities of gum.

P.S. I tried this out today and register is beeping but there is no reason why it should. The coupon is for exactly package of Trident Layers Gum. Your cashier will have to override it. They shouldn't have a problem with this; it is pretty straight forward.
UPDATE!! Michele over at happy2bfrugal says that they are on sale at Fred Meyer for $1 as well all week long and the coupons aren't beeping.


Michele said...

They are priced at $1.00 at FredMeyer this week too and it didn't beep at me.

Leah said...

They might be beeping because the coupon is more the 50% of the price - the Spokane area Safeways have gotten really wierd about that, even with regular sunday insert coupons :(

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