Saturday, April 17, 2010

Pictureka Flipper $3.77

I think this is my third time telling you about a Pictureka Flipper Game deal but you never know who wants it.

In the past I have given you coupons to match. Well, only if you're lucky and have one from your monopoly/pictureka/scrabble card game packages do you have a coupon so this is just straight out of the store, no coupons needed.

Pictureka Flipper on clearance at TARGET $3.77
(There are still lots of these at the Kent, WA location)

A great price for a children's birthday present.


Brandon & Natalie said...

SWEEEEET!!! This deal was awesome! I bought 2 card games for $1 each and completely forgot the coupon was in there! So that makes 2 card games and 2 Pictureka Flippers for a grand total of $2!!! Now that's thrifty :)

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