Friday, April 16, 2010

Pure & Natural Soaps 54¢

This is a cute little deal that would be good for teacher appreciation, friendship, birthday gifts, etc.


Pure & Natural Liquid or Bar Soaps $4.69 (B1G1 Free)

Buy 2 Soaps = $9.38
B1G1 Free = -$4.69
Use (2) $2 off coupons here = -$4.00
Total = 69¢ plus tax

My total was $1.09 with tax so it amounted to 54¢ for a 2 pack of bar soap or one bottle of liquid soap. Not too shabby when they are originally $4.69!!


Anonymous said...

Would like to know where you shop as the Rite Aid where I shop will not allow use of mfg coupon on free item. Thanks!

Rachel A said...

I shop at the Covington & Kent, Washington locations.

Anonymous said...

On BOGO and your photo shows 4 products (4.69 each) shouldn't your math indicated B4G2 = 9.38 - $4 mfg = 5.28 for 4 products?

Tiffanee said...

Thanks for sharing more great deals!! You are the best!!

Rachel A said...

I did this transaction twice at two different stores, thus the reason for 4 products. I had 4 coupons from my 2 computers.

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