Friday, May 28, 2010


I warned you last week this would be awesome. I suggest you get your tail on over to Bimore in Enumclaw and rummage yourself silly at their Memorial Day Sidewalk Sale (it has been moved indoors so don't worry about the rain.)

I just spent 2.5 hours there this morning and had no shortage of things to look at.

The sale goes from Friday to Sunday 9am-7pm. They are constantly bringing out new things.

In the case that you couldn't care less about my finds, just ignore this post but for those who are freakishly in love with sales like these...enjoy:

All of this for $41.00.
I will break it down into a few of my favorite finds.

They sell banana boxes full of treasures for just $5. It is a "grab bag" and you never know what you are going to get including a chance to win money. In 4 of the boxes they hide gift certificates for $25-$100.

I ended up buying one and when I found out my full grocery cart totaled $35, I decided to grab another box and a $10 MP3 player for a birthday present to bring my total to $50. That way I could use my $10/$50 coupon to essentially pay just $5 more dollars for that 2nd grab bag and MP3 player combined. Pretty smart considering I won this:

I have never won before so I was pretty stoked. (Can I still say stoked in 2010?)

Nail polish for 10¢.

Various, high retail-priced lotions for 25¢.

Reese's PB hearts (which I LLLUUUUUVVV) for 10¢.
I use these on s'mores during the summer time.

All of these random finds like chapstick, kitchen utensils, hair accessories and baby items for 25¢ each.

A workout armband for my new ipod nano just $1.25.
(I bought my nano last month at a garage sale for $25.00)

All their shoes and clothes that are in the sidewalk sale area are just $1. They woman restocking said she had thousands of pairs of shoes just coming out at all times. I just wanted to follow her the rest of the day but I decided she would probably notice.

I bought 7 pair of shoes...all brand new with tags. Light-up Sketchers for Indy, Adidas running shoes for Olivia, and rain boots and Adidas flip-flops for Eden. It was a good day in the shoe department.

So $41 isn't bad considering $15 of that was an MP3 player and two banana boxes and $7 was shoes. And then I won a $25 gift card on top of that.


maygan said...

wow, that's AMAZING!

Brandon & Natalie said...

That was AWESOME!!! We just got back and I am on a shoppers high :) I got 7 pairs of shoes, a package of little swimmers, 2 watches and some other odds and ends for $27!!!! Oh that was fun :) Thanks for sharing the deal, totally worth driving in from Kent!

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