Friday, September 17, 2010

FREE FREE FREE Saltine Crackers

Several of my readers has let me know that they are having trouble finding the tearpads at different Safeway stores in the area. It is looking like they can only be found at the Fairwood Safeway (
17230 140th Avenue SE
Renton, WA 98058) store. If you decide to take advantage of the coupons there, make sure you leave some for the rest of the deal seekers.

So far these are the stores that do not have coupons:
Maple Valley

Would you rather buy one box of Premium Saltine Crackers for $1.99 or 15 boxes for zero dollars?

That's what I would do too!

This is my Safeway score today. (I already gave away 2 boxes...panic...I am already getting low.)

I happened upon this today when I went in just for 88¢/lb grapes for this recipe.
I had to stare at it for a second to make sure my eyes weren't mistaken.

Yep! Premium crackers are $1.99 but you save $5 if you buy in groups of 5 making them 99¢ each. Right on the display was a tearpad of coupons for $1/1 box. SCORE!! That means for every 5 boxes you buy, they are FREE after 5 coupons. So...I decided 15 boxes was what I needed for my stash.

I went down the cracker isle just to see the variety of flavors and you can get:
Hint of Salt
Fat Free
No Salt
& Minis (my favorite)

I was at the Petrovitsky Store in Fairwood so your store may or may not have the tearpad. They had tearpads on the displays at the front of the store and also down the cracker isle.

Good luck!


The Keevy Family said...

You are an ANGEL!!!!

I have been out of crackers for SO long that I cannot remember when I last purchased them. I typically don't like Safeway, but you keep posting deals at Safeway that I just cannot refuse. And the fairwood Safeway is only 4 minutes from me. Thank you, Thank you!!!!


p.s. my friends are so excited to go to your coupon class! :)

Joelle said...

Oh - nice! I will have to keep my eyes open for tear pad coupons! :-) Thanks for letting us know!

Seattle Moms Deal Finder said...

This is AWESOME!!!!! I need to check my store ASAP! :)

Dot said...

I'm wondering if it is only the fairwood store - I went to 3 Safeways yesterday (Kent/Kangley, Covington & Maple Valley)& could not find the tear pad coupons. ;(

nea and rusty said...

I also happened along this deal it the Fairwood Safeway. The Kraft guy was taking inventory in the aisle and restocking where needed. I asked him about the sale and some of the coupons, he said he restocks coupons every Tuesday at that store specifically. So for future info: it's nice to know that you can find Kraft items/coupons restocked each week there!

Rachel A said...

That is just absolutely fantastic information. I plan on going on Tuesday to confirm stock and coupons just for future info.
Thanks Nea!

The Keevy Family said...

I went on Saturday after I saw this post and there were three coupons left. I used the three and ended up getting 5 boxes for $2. Thanks!


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