Saturday, September 4, 2010

My 7:00am Albertson's Haul - Can You Afford Not To Go?

All this cost me $9.46
(and it was easy, no doublers needed.)
Not bad considering the capri sun was $5.90 of that.

10 pkgs Oscar Meyer Hot Dogs
20 pkgs Kraft Cheese (I was lucky enough to find manager markdown coupons on mine to give me an extra $2.50 off)
5 Cool Whip
5 boxes Capri Sun
1 Shout Gel (filler)
1 Gallon Milk
2 cans juice concentrate (filler because I needed them for my slush recipe)
1 Rolo candy (filler)

Don't miss out on your free cheese, cool whip and hot dogs. Find out how here.
Also, at the North Auburn Albies they had the coupons taped right on the packages of cheese. Hundreds of packages left don't even need a printer.

Transaction #1
Buy 5
Use 1 coupon
Pay $5
Get $5 catalina.

Transaction #2
Buy 5 more
Use 1 coupon
Use $5 catalina
Pay $0
Get $5 catalina.

Keep it rollin' for a lifetime supply of free cheese!


Michelle said...

Lovely! I was already planning on doing this deal, but your tip on the extra coupons was awesome. We went to that Albertson's instead another and took full advantage of it. Thank you, thank you!

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