Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bountiful Baskets is Booked!

Saturday was a huge success with Bountiful Baskets and our fearless leader/site coordinator Michelle was seriously on a joy high. She loved every second.

I had such a great time volunteering. I showed up an hour early at 10:00am and helped distribute the goods. For being there an hour early, I got to pick 2 extra items, my choice: 2 large pumpkins. I had such a good time. Very enjoyable to participate.

Michelle got 43 of her 48 baskets filled on her first week! I have a feeling she will be sold out in no time. There is talk of a second sight opening up for the off weeks. The next time you can order is October 26th at 9am. Pick up is Saturday, October 30th.


The Keevy Family said...

We really enjoyed it too! We could not believe how much was in each of those baskets. It was SO worth the drive!!


Christy said...

I am looking forward to signing up next time!

Anna said...

Oh look a picture of me, I wonder if you are in any of my pictures. Michelle might have already told you this, but what we have decided is rather then open a second site, once I've done my 3 weeks and am "fully trained", have this one site going every week and alternate weeks runing it. Also, thank you to Aaron Wellborn (dentist), Treasure Box consignment shop and other Frontire Square merchants for allowing the use of thier lot for pick-up.

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