Thursday, February 17, 2011

Chicken $1.59/lb (updated)


Letting you know that the Crystal Creek Tree Farm in Maple Valley has just agreed to let us deliver your Zaycon Chicken at their facility. Pick up will be this Friday the 25th from 12-1pm. Because it took a little while to secure this location, there are only a couple days left to order. Please visit to place your order, and let your friends and neighbors know about this local deal ($1.59/lb.) on incredibly FRESH Boneless, Skinless, chicken breasts.

If you already placed your order for another location (like I did), you can call Shaun at 1-877-492-9266 and she will change it for you. Now I don't have to pick it up for you to save's right here in Maple Valley. You can click on and next to all the locations there is a button link to a map.

Zaycon Foods is back with their bulk chicken deal. I don't know about all of you but I only bought 30 lbs last time and I ran out just this week. I will be buying more but remember last time? I offered to pick your chicken up for you? I picked up over 400 lbs of chicken but I have to apologize that I am not able to do that same thing this time. The locations that are closest to me are in the wee hours of the morning and that means bringing 4 children all the way there with the potential of picking up 400 more pounds. We won't all fit.

But I wanted to make sure you were aware if anyone wants to participate in the deal it is now!!

Here is a little timeline for is the 17th, the deadline is the 23rd, pick up starts the 25th. I chose Issaquah/Bellevue for my pick up on March 1st. It is right up there by Bellevue Community College. (They could potentially sell out before the 23rd so the sooner the better.) Yikes.

So click here and order your box today and to read all about Zaycon Foods.

40lb boxes of boneless, skinless chicken breasts.


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