Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gatorade 39¢ at QFC

Sparatic, I know. Sorry.

Here is an easy one.
Gatorade 99¢
But for every 10 you buy, you get an instant $3 off.
Then it becomes...
Gatorade 69¢
But you will also get a $3 catalina after you pay.
So it is really
Gatorade 39¢

This is how it would go if you wanted to buy lots of these

Buy 10 Gatorade
Pay $6.90 (+tax)
Get a $3 cat

Buy 10 more Gatorade (just separate your transactions on the conveyor belt)
Use the $3 cat from the previous transaction
Pay $3.90 (+tax)
Get another $3 cat
Repeat over and over and over again.

Then when you are done buying Gatorade, use that last $3 on anything else you want in the store.

If you want to see other matchups for this double your savings event go here or here or here. (Cheap sausage links, banquet dinners, totinos pizzas, hefty one zip bags, chex cereal, kraft BBQ sauce...)


Tiffanee said...

Thank you!! We have been waiting for a good deal on this. Track season starts soon and my son goes through a lot of Gatorade!! Thanks a million!!

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