Friday, July 20, 2012

Reflexology Massage

Have you ever had a reflexology massage? Me neither but I am completely intrigued. Today's Sharing Spree deal is $30 for a 30-Minute Reflexology Massage, plus a 30-Minute Foot Bath, & Tea at East West Massage ($85 Value). Plus, this foot treatment can help with sleeping problems, stress, high blood pressure, and can even increase your energy, or so they say!

Located in Bellevue I was wondering if anyone wanted to join me. I am going to purchase one of these (my feet are killing me these days) and if you do too, we can go together. So just head on over to Sharing Spree and buy this for $30.


Lori near Seattle said...

Oh yeah! Reflexology is awesome. I'll go with you. I went once a week for a month after Justin was born. I really think that it helped me recover more quickly from his birth. I was skeptical when we first went, but from just feeling around on Ken's feet, she was able to precisely pinpoint some of his shoulder/neck problems.

Coup max Mmi said...

Wow. This one is so nice. It really relaxes a lot. It relieves me from my pain.

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