Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Restaurant Gift Certificates for $1

I know I have never told you about these but they are legit!!!!

At, you can buy gift certificates for various restaurants in your area. They are not big retaurant chains but smaller, more hidden gems. Usually you can buy a $10 GC for $4 and a $25 for $10 but for this special date 9/9/09 they are running a special and all certificates are 90% off. That means the $25 GC is $1. At checkout, just use promotional code: NINETY

Even better news: This promo is good for 99 hours! That means until about Saturday evening!

Examples of some of the stipulations are (and they vary by restaurant):

-Must purchase at least $35 worth of food to use GC

-18% gratuity automatically attached

-Dinner only or M-T only.

So, if you are wondering if this is too good to be true, here is my testimonial. We went out on a double date to the Fire Creek Grill here in Covington with my $25 GC. We had to order $50 worth but we went on a Saturday night and that wasn't a problem. After all was said and done, we ended up paying $28 for our full meal with drinks, entrees and dessert. It was awesome!!

I have also purchased one for the Black Diamond Bakery that is good off a $35 purchase. That means, if I stay close to that $35 price tag, I can get my $35 worth of food for $10 after my GC. The GCs are good for a year so buy it now and use it later. It's free money if you were wanting to go out anyway. There are hundreds in Seattle and surrounding areas.
Paypal and credit cards are accepted. Make sure you read the small print to make sure it doesn't restrict you when you need it.
This is a internet printable GC so you will be able to use it immediately once you purchase it.


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OMG. I am now SO MAD that I didn't check your blog YESTERDAY.


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