Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tahoma Learning Community Classes!!!! I'm In!!!

Now I have gone and done it!!

After months of thought and preparation, I have signed on with the Tahoma Learning Community to teach classes this fall about couponing. I have taught a few courses already at a couple of private events but now I have taken the next step and will be offering it to the community at large.

My presentation has become more focused and polished over time and I am now at a place that I feel is appropriate for a professional seminar; including a power point presentation, informative handouts and interactive scenarios. Soooo......

Be on the look out for your TLC catalog in the mail by the end of the month since that is the only way to sign up if you are interested. I will only be teaching one class of each course to start with and then based on the demand, I will consider doing more next quarter.

The courses are as follows:

Monday, October 5
7-8:30pm @ Cedar River Middle School Library
Couponing for the Clueless (Part 1, Beginner Course)
* Come learn how to create a substantial stockpile for emergency and everyday purposes using the concept of using coupons in conjunction with sales to get items for pennies on the dollar.

Monday, November 2
7-8:30pm @ Cedar River Middle School Library
Crazy about Couponing (Part 2, Intermediate Course)
* Now that you have a basic understanding of how couponing works, you will be introduced to the world of double coupons, rolling register rewards and multiple transactions. Teaching you how to get your groceries and non-food items for 90% off in a single shopping trip is the main objective of this class.

Each class will be restricted to a maximum of 30 people and the cost is $15 per person.

Wish me luck!! I am really excited.


Vicki said...

That is awesome Rachel! You will be so good at it.

Julie said...

Good Luck! You're awesome!

Rachael said...

congrats to you!! What exciting news!

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