Saturday, October 3, 2009

$ .10 Dentyne Gum and Free Kleenex

These two deals can just keep rollin'!
At SAFEWAY (until Tuesday):

Dentyne Gum (black, red and blue packages ONLY) = $1.39 and Buy 1 Get 1 Free
Down the coffee isle is a blinkie machine with a coupon for Dentyne Gum B1G1 Free up to $1.29
Grab a few coupons. Grab twice the number of packages of gum as coupons.

When you buy one, you get one free from Safeway and then the coupon allows you to get the first one for $ .10.

KLEENEX (deal ended Saturday)

Transaction #1
Buy 3 Kleenex tissue boxes at 99 cents a box = $2.97
Use $ .50/3 coupon from blinkie machine right by the kleenex = -$ .50
Total out of pocket = $2.47 (+ tax)

Then two catalinas print out
* One for $1.00 off 4 more boxes of kleenex and
* One for $3.00 off your next shopping order

Transaction #2
Buy 4 boxes Kleenex tissue at 99 cents = $3.96
Use $1/4 coupon from previous transaction = -$1
Use $3 coupon from previous transaction = -$3
Total = $ .30 (this is after tax in the great state of Washington) for 4 boxes of Kleenex
(Then 2 more catalina coupons print out for you to roll it all over again.)

As long as you put 4 boxes on the check out stand at a time, your total will always be $ .30

***By the way...a certain someone...oops...already took what the Maple Valley Safeway had. Either wait until Tuesday for them to restock (uncertain) or go to another store. The 99 cent price may only be until Tuesday and I don't know how long the kleenex offer lasts.


ANDREA said...


Thanks so much for the great class last night. I really enjoyed it. Went to Safeway today and could not find the gum blinkie in the coffee aisle. I walked up and down it three times? Hmmm....

Andrea Bell

Rachel A said...

I am a little frustrated that within 2 days, the blinkie machine has been removed. That is not common. I am so sorry about that. Thanks for letting me know and keep up the deal hunting!

Leah said...

Hi Rachele :)

You know, I was eyeballing the gum deal but was thinking I could get 2 free packages for the price of 1...never even crossed my mind to get the coupon to pay for the first package. I thought I saw the tags for this deal still up Yesterday so I am going to double check and see if this deal is still going on in the Spokane area and if it is Im going to link back because this is pure genius!

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