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I have been dying to tell you about one of my favorite finds of all time. Almost 2 years ago, I was opening up my valpak and inside was a coupon that intrigued me.

A place called Plateau Trading Company. They have since become Bimore and boast a "12,000 sq ft warehouse full of new, overstock merchandise from major department stores." There are a total of 5 Bimore stores including Camas, WA - Yakima, WA - Eugene, OR - Redding, CA & Enumclaw, WA.

It had a coupon for 25¢ dish soap and so I made the effort to visit the store in Enumclaw, WA. I have been about 50 times now and have found a bargain every time. It is a treasure hunt of spontaneous sales and dented goods. They have come a long way in two years. I actually liked it better before when they were still new and not as organized but I still make the effort to go down there often. They hold FANTASTIC sidewalk sales---rumor has it, the next one is over memorial day weekend and I, for one, will be there bright and early.

(In the past I have snagged contact solution for 25¢, boxes of kotex pads for 10¢ and adult size clothing for $1 at the sidewalk sale. They also do giveaways where you can buy a banana box full of misc food and goods for $5 and there could be a gift certificate in it. I have never won but always been very excited about what was in the box.)

I asked Candy, my favorite checker if I could take some pictures and feature the store on my website and she graciously complied.

Here is some information you will want to know:

It truly is a warehouse and not what you would expect but the sign is clear out front and their is plenty of parking.


Their clothing and shoes have colored tag sales. 25%-90% off. You can check out their specials every week here. Their clearance sections are in the very back of the store. They put most of the 90% off clothes and 50% merchandise back there.

For example, today I found 4 pair of shorts for baby gifts (carter & osh kosh) for 20¢ a piece. They were pink tags and marked down from $1.99 (which isn't even a bad price.) That's cheaper than yard sales ya'll!

Lots of food and beverages.

Their furniture section is humongous. I am always eyeing their sectionals and leather sets. Their 3-piece leather bomber set was just $799.99 (plus you could use the $50 off $500 coupon in valpak and come in on T-shirt Thursday and get an extra 10% off-read more on this 10% deal below.)

They always have a frenzy of the week. In the past I have seen candy bars for 10¢ and vitamin water cases for $4.99. This week it is:
All spices-85¢ each
Reynolds 'Recycled' Foil-$1.00
Noz Energy Drinks-33¢ each

They used to have this giant turning display of random candy bars all priced at 4/$1 and since they have organized it more like a store. I even saw 6 packs of Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bars for 75¢. You could stock up for s'mores for the summer at that price.

And then there is T-Shirt Thursdays. If you buy one of their shirts and then wear it in on Thursday, you get 10% off your entire bill. I have done this many times in conjunction with my coupon and saved a ton. I believe their shirts are $4 but they could be $3. I can't remember.
I have literally worn mine out.
On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, bring in your own bags and get 5% off your entire purchase.

Upon leaving the store you can fill out a quick survey for a chance to win a $50 gift certificate.

This is another one of the little things I picked up today. These are normally $3 or so and I got 2 boxes for 75¢ each.

If you don't get valpak coupons, you can go onto valpak.com or Bimore.com and print out a coupon for $10/$50 purchase. I promise you won't have any problem finding things to buy but I have oft times had trouble spending that much just because everything is so cheap.
(FYI-They do not take manufacturers coupons but they do accept EBT-food stamps.)

Do yourself a favor, GO! Or don't...that just means more for me!

They have household, toys, clothes, shoes, food, linens, gardening supplies, camping/fishing gear, holiday decorations, automotive, electronics, personal hygiene, medicines, kitchen gear, fresh produce and milk, baby gear, diapers and so much more.


Katelyn said...

I love that place! And I didn't know there was one in Eugene... that gives me something to look forward to if we ever make it out there.

Tatiana said...

Sweet! Thanks for the heads up!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the Bimore!

Angela R. said...

I just shared this with my Facebook followers. I've NEVER heard of this store, but now I'm intrigued too. Thanks for the awesome write-up!

Anonymous said...

Love the store have been to the one in Camas! I heard they have an outlet store in Gresham.

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