Saturday, May 1, 2010

Strawberries at Foley's 99¢

Foley's Produce Stand (Maple Valley)

Deals for this weekend only!

Strawberries 99¢/lb (this is cheaper than Safeway's special but Winco has them for .75/lb here)
Spinach: 2/$3.00 (Really Nice Quality)
Iceberg Lettuce: 2/$1.00
Bi-Color Corn: 2/$1.00 (California Crop)
All Tomatoes: $0.99/lb (Roma, Beefsteak, On-The-Vine)
Large Avocado: $0.99/ea
Blueberries: $1.99/ea
Green Beans: 2lbs/$4.00
Grapefruit: 2/$1.00 (Sweet and Juicy)
Pink Lady Apples: $0.59/lb (My Favorite Apple)
Seedless Watermelon: $0.39/lb (First Batch of the Season)
Green Seedless Grapes: $0.99/lb
Bananas: $0.49/lb
10lb Bag Russet Potatoes: $0.99/ea
Asparagus $1.50/lb


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Hi, I am Rachel
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