Friday, September 24, 2010

Apples on the Cheap

Many of you have heard me rave about my favorite local produce stand Foley's Produce here in Maple Valley. I was just informed that he has lowered all his apple prices and they are actually low enough that it is time to stock up for the winter. Dry them, make pie filling, make homemade applesauce, dip caramel apples, bake a pie, throw them in the fridge...they last a long time!!

Here are his prices:
Gala Apples: $0.59/lb
Honey Crisp Apples: $1.29/lb
Golden Delicious Apples: $0.79/lb
Early Fuji Apple: $0.79/lb
Red Delicious Apple: $0.59/lb
Granny Smith Apples: $0.79/lb

Of course they are cheaper by the box:
Gala Apples: $8.95/20lbs ($0.44/lb)
Early Fuji Apples: $11.95/20lbs ($0.59/lb)

Red Delicious Apple: $8.95/20lbs ($0.44/lb)

Head on over and see what other great deals he has.


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