Saturday, September 25, 2010

"Bountiful Baskets" for Beginners

Welcome to another RAVE post. My dear friend Michelle has taken it upon herself to get all giddy about a produce cooperative called Bountiful Baskets. Many of you are familiar but for those who want a smokin’ good deal (and I know you do) hear me out. This cooperative pools their money and get great deals on healthy, delicious produce. The website is

The Skinny:

You make a $15.00 (+$1.50 transaction fee and $3.00 first time only basket fee) contribution online starting Tuesday, and you pick up two wonderful baskets full of fruits and veggies on Saturday morning at a very specific time at a specified location. It is that simple. You show up, you sign your name, you pick up your goods. You can volunteer sometimes to helping to unload and distribute the food but that is only once in awhile.

Sadly, the closest location to me here in Washington is Lynnwood so Michelle is going through the rigorous process of opening up her own location here in Maple Valley. She is SUPER (understatement) excited about this co-op and I couldn’t agree more. The more I have learned, the more I am in love. She will be opening very soon so feel free to ask her any questions you may have. Just comment on this post and I will pass along the info to her. Just be watching for the grand opening announcement.

She offered to pick up my share today in Lynwood and when she showed up at my door with 4 bags full of produce this morning, I was thrilled to death.

Here is what I got for my $19.50 (this time but from now on it will be $16.50.)

1 – head of cauliflower

2 – heads of broccoli

6 – pears

6 – nectarines

1 – honeydew melon

2 – cucumbers

5 lbs of potatoes

8 – ears of corn

9 – bananas

4 – oranges

5 – apples

1 – GIANTIC head of red leaf lettuce

1 – partridge in a pear tree

I would estimate this amount to be worth between $22-25 if everything was on sale at the exact same time. And we all know that happens….never. Not to mention that I do love buying from Foley’s Produce locally here but he is only open during the summer and this will be a great supplement for the winter months. Every time you order it will be a random variety of produce which has its benefits. You get to try new things you might not ordinarily buy at the store and all the produce is fresh and top quality. You can even order an organic basket for just $10 more.

I am telling you people, this is awesome!!!

Michelle’s first order looked like this:

I am including several more pictures of other baskets just to show you the variety.

Click here to visit BB's FAQ page to learn more.


The Keevy Family said...

I have looked into this before, but is Lynnwood the closest location for you (us?) I am in Renton.


Rachel A said...

The closest to you and I are Duvall, Lynnwood and Arlington.

brickstrainingmomma said...

I would be extremely interested in being notified when the Maple Valley location opens up - at - since we live in Maple Valley!

Anonymous said...

I'm interested.

The Keevy Family said...

I just saw your other post about this, and yay!!! I so want to do this. Just wondering if I commit to it every week? I think I'd be there just about every week unless I was out of town. Do I still pay? I couldn't figure that out on the website but maybe I didn't read far enough.


Anonymous said...

My daycare person gets hers in Renton...Fairwood area.

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