Monday, October 25, 2010

Last Day to order CHICKEN!!

This deal is over with me. However, you can still order directly from Zycon foods until November 1st and pick it up yourself. I wanted to end my deal a little early so I had time to deposit the money and order before the deadline.

You all ordered a combined 460 pounds!! Can't wait to meet some of you!!

Just a reminder that today is the last day you can order chicken with me for $1.48/lb.

(plus $.06/lb for paypal fees for a total of $1.54/lb)

So far, I am picking up over 200 lbs of chicken for those who have already ordered!! HURRAY!!

Read all about it below.

Thanks to The Coupon Posse, they let me know about a great offer from Zaycon Foods located in Spokane. I was just talking to a neighbor about the cost of chicken and how there is rarely a sale. Then, this popped up on the couponing radar.

Zaycon Foods will be doing another spectacular Fall Chicken Event in late October and early November and they are offering 40 pound boxes of fresh, boneless Chicken Breast for just$1.48 per pound, that's just $59.20 per box! Each box contains four 10 pound bags of large Chicken Breasts that provide between 12 to 14 meals for a family of 6, depending on how often the family enjoys Chicken. (Unfortunately, I have to tack on $.06 per pound for paypal's fees so your total is actually $1.54 per pound. Consider it your gas fee, even though you are paying paypal, not me.)

Zaycon Foods Chickens are 100% natural, with no added hormones, additives or artificial ingredients. They come fresh from the farm so unlike the stores chicken breasts that are oft times frozen, thawed and then refrozen by the consumer, they are fresh…which means more tender and tastier chicken.

I love having a large amount of meat in my freezer to take the stress out of frequent shopping trips and I fully plan on taking advantage of this offer. And because I appreciate my followers so much, I would be willing to do a bulk order for ya’ll.


Here is the plan:

1. Let me (Rachel) know how many pounds you would like (in increments of 10) by paying using my paypal button on the left of my blog. That way I don’t have any out of pocket expense except for my own. (If you want more than 40 lbs, just purchase separate amounts.)

2. You must order with my paypal button by Monday, October 25th.

3. I will order the purchased chicken by their deadline, November 1st and then will pick it up in Puyallup on November 12th by 4:00pm.

4. Then you are welcome to come pick up your chicken at my house Friday, November 12thanytime after 4:00pm. I will email a reminder and address to you the night before!!


Are we there yet? said...

Thank you for the reminder! I just placed my order! What a fantastic deal! I live in MV and would love to pick it up there. Thanks again for the great deal! Regards, Kim

Brandon & Natalie said...

I placed my order this morning before you added the paypal fees - can I give you the extra fees when I pick up my chicken? I'm excited for tons of chicken! See you on the 12th. Thanks!

Tatiana said...

Bummer, I missed it!

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