Saturday, April 16, 2011

Zaycon Premium Beef and Gala Apples

Zaycon Foods is back with their Premium Super Lean Ground Beef (93/7%) for just $2.89/lb.

and their fresh Washington state Gala apples for $.75/lb.

Please visit to place your order. You can click on and next to all the locations there is a button link to a map. For Maple Valley beef is in Issaquah and Gala apples are in Maple Valley.

Here is a little timeline for is the 16th, the deadline is the 25th (or until they sell out), pick up starts the 30th.

So click here and order your box today and to read all about Zaycon Foods.

40lb boxes of premium lean ground beef for $2.89/lb = $115.60 per box

and 4lb boxes of Gala Apples for $.75/lb = $30 per box.


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